Stucco is a durable cladding for your home. Installed correctly, with some maintenance, stucco can last you as long as any other exterior cover whilst also providing insulation and sound reduction.

The problems arising in recent years with “failing stucco” and “moisture intrusion”, leading to costly remediation, is not with the product itself. The process in which the home was built, and the stucco was installed, is mainly the issue. Building Codes change often and are ever evolving, but a good and thorough installation of stucco by our company will assure you it is done right.

As per current building codes and our expertise, we will ensure your home incorporates:

  • Correct layers of weather resistant barrier (WRB) and drainage wrap systems
  • Expansion joints (minimize cracking), E-Z Bead® (plaster stop), and Weep Screed (screed serves as a vent that creates airflow and ensures that the moisture can escape the stucco wall finish just above the foundation)
  • Correctly installed flashings, sill pans and kick-out diverters
  • Correctly installed stucco using a 4 step stucco application including wire lathe, scratch coat, brown coat and finish coat
  • Correctly fitting exterior chimney caps
  • Installing sufficient (usually larger) gutter and downspouts system